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Lola Tech Romania SRL


Lola is a company on a mission: to bring awesome software to the global travel and tourism industry through unconventional brilliance.


We know how to handle big projects and for our team, complex doesn’t mean complicated. For Travel and Tourism Businesses who need a trusted partner to deliver complex digital products, Lola Tech is a Software business that increases customer throughput and revenue. Unlike some internal technical teams our managed approach allows end to end product delivery with low management overhead. Automation is built into our processes and to deliver satisfying outcomes.


By application area: Online booking systems


Programming languages: PHP, JavaScript, Java, Python, etc.;
Platforms: Drupal, Symfony 2, Puppet, etc.;
Database Management Systems: Mongo, MySQL;

  • Allegiant Airlines, Las Vegas, Nevada, US
  • eComission, New York, US
Corporate Office: Cluj-Napoca, 16 Eroilor Street

We design and deliver complex digital products for some of the world’s most demanding travel businesses.

Company name: Lola Tech Romania SRL
Founded company: 2016
CEO: Eng. Ciprian Costea
Address: Cluj-Napoca, 42/2 Rodnei street
District: Cluj
Phone: 0740980765

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