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Developing Projects

BISNet Transylvania-Support Network for Business and Innovation in Transylvania

General Objective: creating a support network for business and innovation in developing regions in North-West and Centre, adequate to a type 1 Macroregion. Through a consortium of 7 partners, it was proposed an innovative approach and a better keeping of the IMM sector in the North-West region.

The implication of ARIES Transylvania in this project has in mind the support of innovative companies in the North-West region, providing specific services: technology related requests and offers, technological transfer, matchmaking and broker events, other support services.

Period of time: 6 years

EO ClimbLab

Earth Observation ClimLab – is a collaborative environment in cloud, in order to prototype innovative products and services for Earth Observation in order to increase the resistance at climate change for society and economy.

At the end of last year, the European Space Agency started a project, Earth Observation ClimLab (EO ClimLab), in which are involved partners from 3 countries: Romania (ARIES Transilvania, Cluj-Napoca, Indeco Soft, Baia Mare and AROBS Transilvania Software, Cluj-Napoca), Czech Republic and Poland.

The project will have a duration of 18 months, which allows a rapid development of new products based on Earth Observation (EO), wanting to reduce the effects of climate change in a multi-disciplinary way: the business environment and the society (agriculture, healthcare, risk management, infrastructure, education, dissemination).

The purpose of the project is to popularize the use of information provided by satellites in order to create apps in Romania, Poland and Czech Republic, the final objective being the identifying of the most promising apps in order to support them and to be put to use.

EO ClimLab can be seen as a “Fablab” environment which provides data, instruments and the necessary knowledge to developers, in order to expand new products and services, to increase the community resistance at climate changes.

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