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Global E-Business Solutions (GEBS)

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We develop new applications and system integrations, but we also offer development of new possibilities, upgrades and interfaces for existing applications as well as migration of information systems. Our goal is to offer customized, professional solutions based on your business needs. In our long running years developing solutions for different industry sectors we have acquired experience and expertise with a large number of technologies, delivering successful products for more than 50 clients worldwide. Visit our website to learn more:


Zoniz Proximity
Zoniz Proximity is a marketing platform that uses iBeacon technologies to engage customers through proximity based mobile notifications. The platform consists of:
  • beacons for localization
  • an online platform for content providers to customize, manage and publish marketing campaigns including statistics for keeping track of user behavior
  • a mobile application for end user that displays notifications, offers, contests to users based on their location and preferences
Zoniz Social

Zoniz Social is an online marketing solution that helps you connect users of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to your company’s social media accounts. You can do this everywhere you interact with people: on your website, in your store or on promotional activities by using tools made specifically for this purpose.

City Pulse
Complete hardware and software solution for administrating and monitoring the entire public transport, deployed in the city of Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands. The solution consists of:

  • a public website, mobile app and SMS service – that provide users with detailed information about the buses;
  • a mobile app that dynamically assigns routes to bus drivers at the beginning of the day;
  • a reporting component that generates reports and statistics like passenger count, delays per station;
Octostatistik is a management system and statistics for swimming clubs and competitions. It handles all data related to clubs, swimmers, competition registrations and results having a hierarchical user management system for actions and permissions.

Askur is an online application for member registration and management in hierarchical structures like federations, unions, syndicates etc. These organizations have the possibility to setup customizable secure online payments, for registration, annual subscription or any kind of product or service they offer.

Handball LiveScoring
System for the handball championships matches setup and recording of live match events. It consists of:
  • a mobile application for managing handball matches and scores
  • a web application for configuration and management of club teams and team players
  • a public website where users can see match schedules and live scoring for handball matches
GEBS Reporting Web Publisher

Web Publisher uses IBM Rational Publishing Engine core to generate documents from Rational tools such as IBM Rational DOORS, IBM Rational Rhapsody, IBM Rational Focal Point and many more. Web Publisher helps companies Improve documentation quality while reducing costs with automated generation of software development lifecycle documents.

Author XG
Author XG is the world’s first hybrid word processing and document generation platform, purpose-built for systems engineers, document controllers, configuration managers and writers of every kind

IBM Rational Publishing Engine (developed by GEBS for Telelogic/IBM)
IBM Rational Publishing Engine automates document generation from Rational solutions and select third-party tools. RPE was initially launched as Telelogic Publishing Engine 1.0, in December 2008. It was mainly designed to supersede Telelogic DocExpress as it reached end of life, by covering Telelogic data sources like DOORS and Tau.


By contract type:

Investing in technologies such as enterprise software, web and mobile applications can be one of the most important decisions a business can make. Our consultants are devoted to finding an engaging, intuitive solution that embraces the latest developments in cutting edge technologies.

We provide a full spectrum of custom software development outsourcing services. We focus on custom-fit, flexible solutions to address time-sensitive requirements.

Maintenance services include System performance check-ups, Testing, Minor repairs and similar activities.

By Technology Category :

Web development
We have the skills and experience to help you create an online presence. Our web development team covers much more than websites. It’s specialized in everything from web software and e-commerce development to social media and content management systems. We have experience in using the following technologies for web development: Java, .NET, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Google Web Toolkit, Amazon storage and services.

Mobile App development
We develop applications for iOS, Android and Blackberry market in all areas from entertainment to finance, transportation to business management and so on. We have experience in using the following technologies for mobile development: Android technologies, iOS technologies, Amazon Web Services, iBeacon technologies.

Product development
We have developed products for startups and big companies like IBM. We offer the complete software product development life cycle: from architecture, design, development, integration, implementation, to customization, consulting and support. We can also make your product available on mobile devices allowing you to distribute it on various mobile handsets and other wireless platforms.

By application area:

Public Sector
We offer solutions for every aspect of administration, data and document management, information flow, human workflow and much more. Strengthen the connection between you and the public by new and improved digital solutions that help you provide the best service you can for your community.

GEBS can provide you with complete solutions that help you organize and easily maintain a fair play competition whether it’s on a local or international scale. We tailor and create specific solutions for your needs whether you’re organizing a competition or managing an entire sport club: from membership registration to results gathering, hosting and displaying data on multiple platforms.

Transportation / Fleet tracking
GEBS offers transport-specific solutions involving enterprise asset management, advanced planning, scheduling and fleet management. Furthermore, we can provide you with solutions for fleet tracking: whether it’s for the public – online, so they can see the exact location of the public transport they want to take – or private – an enclosed platform to see the location of your vehicles.

We can help you keep in touch with your clients and have them up to date with all the legal changes that affect them directly. Every client can select the group of laws that he wants to be up to date with, get specific advice on how to deal with the changes and how this will affect his business. All made available through an online platform that you can customize to best fit your needs.

We can help you increase sales, convert leads, get repeat business, track your orders and inventories, reduce your costs, increase your security, and improve people’s shopping experience all around. Embracing the latest e-commerce development and interfaces, we develop great e-commerce systems for websites and mobile devices – including iPad, iPhone and Android phones and tablets.

Human resources
By using our expertise in data management and our experience in the HR sector, we can provide you with efficient solutions to improve your HR department. We have experience in building profiling tools, with complex surveys builders and results management. This way you save time, money and make your data seamlessly integrate with any of your needs.

Document generation and reporting 
IBM Rational GEBS Reporting, a division of GEBS, has been working in the document reporting industry since 2004. We have worked closely with IBM field engineers and IBM Rational customers all over the world, in both medium and large organizations. We have managed successful deployment of document generation solutions in various industries and gathered a very solid experience. We offer customizable, scalable and cost-effective reporting solutions and services. Our experience with a large range of rational reporting/document generations tools enables us to deliver competitive solutions that fit different needs from different industries. Our focus is delivering implementation, integrations and custom solutions for Rational Publishing Engine. GEBS is an Advanced IBM Business Partners and has technical certifications on Rational DOORS, Rational Team Concert and Rational Requisite Pro.

Skills and technologies

Programming languages: Java, C#, Objective-C, Swift, Javascript Web UI Wireframing and Implementation: uxpin, html, css
Platforms: Java EE, .NET, Oracle ADF, Amazon Web Services
Operating systems: OS X and Windows
Database Management Systems: Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySql, Amazon storage, MongoDB
Environment and development tools: Eclipse, Maven, Xcode , Android Studio, IBM Rational Team Concert, JIRA
IBM Rational: entire IBM Rational suite – usage, APIs, integrations

Customer/ Country
  • Romania: AFI Palace Cotroceni, Cluj Arena, Romexpo Bucuresti
  • Faroes Islands: Faroes Islands Telecom (ForoyaTele), Faroes Islands Parliament, Faroe Islands Sports Federation
  • Sweden: Swedish Swimming Federation, Decision Dynamics, BMW
  • Germany: Daimler
  • USA: IBM, Bank of America, BAE Systems, AT&T, Chrysler
  • Canada: Bombardier
  • Australia: BAE Systems
Corporate Office:
  • Cluj-Napoca, Alpha Business Center, Frunzisului 75, 3rd Floor, Cluj-Napoca, 400664 Cluj, Romania, tel +40-364-401033
  • Malmö, Stora Varvsgatan 6 A, 211 19 Malmö, Sweden, tel +46 739 997 920
  • Tórshavn, Tórshavn Office Lucas Debesargßta 3, FO-100 Torshavn, Faroe Islands, tel +298 74 74 00
  • Certified for IBM Rational Software
  • IBM Ready for Rational
Employees certification
  • IBM Certified Solutions Specialist
  • IBM Certified Mastery Sales Specialist
  • Oracle Application Development Framework Certified
  • IBM Business Partners
  • Oracle GOLD Partner
Business Opportunities
As an IBM Business Partner and authorized IBM Software Reseller, GEBS is committed to providing enterprise software solutions at the best price, allowing you to reduce your costs and smooth your way into the Rational environment. We sell IBM Rational products that cover the entire project lifecycle from design to deployment, making sure you get the solution that fits your needs, at a competitive market price.

Company Name: Global E-Business Solution Group
Founded company: 2001
CEO: Bic Fridolin Dănuț
Address: Alpha Business Center, Frunzisului 75, 3rd Floor, Cluj-Napoca, 400664 Cluj, Romania
District: Cluj
Phone: +40 364 401033
Fax: +40 364 401032

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