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Indeco Soft

Indeco soft


Indeco Soft is a provider of solutions for e-government, with notable results in the field of management software local taxes, and innovative solutions in the segment online revenue. We also provide integrated information system for public administration, awarded at contests presentations.

  • Online services (eMarkets, Document Circuit, Urban Reporting, Urbanism).
    Every day, citizens address requests and petitions by local authorities or observe specific issues (potholes in the road, improperly stored waste, public lighting problems, abandoned vehicles, problems of water supply and sewerage networks, vandalized street furniture, stray dogs, and others) they wish to bring to the attention of local authorities. Using a computer system to simplify these interactions contribute to reducing physical movements of citizens at local headquarters, reducing bureaucracy, support transparent public management and easy transmission of responses to petitions and complaints, through modern technology it improves civic education and contributes to improving image of public institutions. The problems identified by citizens can be easily brought to the attention of local authorities through a mobile application available to all.

  • The Internal Circuit of the Document
    Public institutions are managing an impressive number of documents daily. These documents are distributed in well-defined streams, from the time of their registration to the time answers are supplyed to them. The Internal Document Circuit Modul facilitates recording, storing, tracking and transmission of documents between departments and people and the transmission of answers for these documents.

  • Electronic payments
    Payment of fees, taxes, rent for concession contracts, permits access for heavy vehicles, parking passes and fines is time consuming activities for citizens and often cause congestion at the counters for revenue collection. Electronic payment systems integrated with applications and systems used by local authorities (ImpoTax), contribute significantly to overcoming these drawbacks.

  • Accounting package eCub
    is a bundle of specialized modules to serve the financial-accounting departments of public institutions. The system architecture and communication between modules is pursuing natural flows of information, defined by legal regulations and internal organization of the institution. The result of the implementation is to reduce the operating effort, full control of data and efficient processing so that the user gets the expected results. The package includes specific application to the budget, accounting, human resources, inventory and asset management, acquisitions and investments.

  • Consumptions
    It is a unified management system for the consumption of resources / utilities at the level of administrative units and is the starting point towards streamlining their use and providing the necessary support to develop a strategy for sustainable development in the administrative-territorial unit consumption resources and energy efficiency.

  • Welfare
    Asisoc aims to provide integrated informatics environment to assist the process of granting social benefits, facilitating management of the entire process of social assistance. The computer system manages the files corresponding to several benefits: monthly social assistance, family support allowance, help heating (heat, gas, coal and wood fuel oil), emergency aid, social canteen, personal assistants, allowance for disabled, state allowance, foster parents, placement monthly allowance, food coupons, housing.

  • Agricultural Registration AgroRegis
    Helps ensure consistent and complete records of land use categories and inventory of each farm household in accordance with law.



By technical category
  • Consulting;
  • Research and development;
  • Software development;
  • Implementation;
  • Technical support and assistance;
By application area:
  • Software for public administration – e-government solutions electronic payments
  • Plăți electronice
  • Electronic payments
  • Accounting management products
  • Social welfare
  • Innovation

By type of contract:
  • Delivery and implementation of IT systems
  • Providing software as a service
  • Custom Software Development
  • Programming languages: iOS, Android, other Web Technologies;
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux;
  • Database management systems: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL


Over 1,000 implementations in budgetary institutions

  • County Councils (Nasaud, Cluj, Maramures, Mures, Neamt, Olt, Satu Mare, Salaj, Teleorman)
  • County capitals (Arad, Baia Mare, Bistrita, Oradea, Pitesti, Slatina, Targu Mures, Zalau, Sector 3 Bucharest)
  • Municipalities and towns (over 50)
  • Villages (over 500)
  • ANST (100 units), DGASPC (10 counties)
  • Other budgetary units
  • SR EN ISO 9001 : 2008 (SRAC/IQNet)
  • SR EN ISO 14001 : 2005 (Certop România)
  • SR OHSAS 18001 : 2008 (Certop România)
  • SR EN ISO 27001 : 2005 (Certop Ungaria)

Company headquarters Baia Mare


We are looking for partners for the application and implementation of European funded projects

Company Name: Indeco Soft
Firm foundation date: 1993
CEO: Ciprian Radu Ghișe
Adress: Baia Mare, Str. Magnoliei nr. 5
County: Maramureș
Phone: +40.362.801.083
Fax: +40.743.148.123

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