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NEWS iTech Transilvania by Aries Transilvania

iTech Transilvania by ARIES Transilvania cluster members have attended on Thursday, September 11 2014, the first workshop of IT clusters in Romania, at the Opera Plaza Hotel from Cluj-Napoca.

The meeting, organized by Cluj IT cluster in collaboration with VolskBank and Ziarul Financiar (a Romanian Financial Newspaper), addressed the topic of the current situation of the Romanian IT and the problems that IT clusters face (weak connection with commercial banks and poor access to finance, mainly for startups, lack of qualified human resources and the need to involve in their education) and the method in which the IT clusters in Romania can collaborate.

It was a good opportunity for IT clusters to get to know each other, identify common problems and try to outline a joint plan of cooperation in order to ensure regional and national economic development.
At the end, it was agreed that the next meeting will be organized by the Cluster for Innovation and Technology from Brasov, and the main theme of discussions will be the formation of human resources in IT.

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  • Transilvania Business logo

    The European Commission organized the “2014 European Cluster” conference with the theme Stimulation of SMEs growth, industrial revival and regional structural changes through modern cluster policies and support, a very important event for the European SMEs community. iTech Transilvania by ARIES Transilvania cluster attended the largest event dedicated to cooperation between European clusters, organized by the European Commission, the 2014 European Cluster Conference, held in Brussels, from 20 to 21 October. The conference addressed the role of clusters in supporting SMEs growth, the latest trends and challenges of modern clusters policies and the identification of priority areas for the new European Strategy for Supporting Cluster Development.

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  • Faclia de Cluj Actualitati MHTC

    The fifth edition of “Days of Clusters 2014” in Tekirdag, Turkey brought together over 250 participants – professionals, institutions, business organizations, clusters and companies from 16 countries: Turkey, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Italy, Macedonia , Slovenia, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Spain, Montenegro, Albania, Bulgaria and Greece. 40 speakers from 14 countries shared their knowledge and experience about the operation and development of clusters on achieving a sustainable economic development in the region represented by the Balkans and the Black Sea area.

    Romania was represented by members of clusters iTech Transilvania by ARIES Transilvania, Clustero, Agrofood Transilvania, Transilvania Textile & Fashion, Indagro Pol and Tracia Land.

    The conference contributed to the achievement of synergies between clusters in the Balkans and Black Sea areas by building a public-private dialogue, by sharing knowledge and experience in the development of clusters from developed countries and developing countries, by creating and strengthening the links between clusters through the involvement in new projects and identification of opportunities to access public and private financing.

    The wine tasting session gathered the largest wine producers in Turkey, Macedonia, Montenegro and Slovenia.

    The next conference is scheduled for October 29 to 30 next year in one of the countries that have expressed interest in hosting and organizing: Macedonia, Croatia, Romania and Turkey.

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  • kk_trakija

    Dozens of participants, management representatives of 15 clusters in the Northwest Region and Central Region attended a few days ago at a workshop dedicated macro 1 Transilvania clusters (comprising regions of the North – West and Central). The event was organized by Regional Development Agency North West at Cluj.

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  • mesagerul de covasna

    Yesterday, 24.06.2014, we had the pleasure of attending a special workshop on the best practices among clusters, organized by iTechsylvania. The objective of the event was to highlight the importance of cooperation among local clusters and their impact on the local communities. Chaired by Mr. Marcel Borodi – President of ARIES Transylvania and assited by Ms. Bianca Muntean – Project Manager of iTechsylvania, the workshop has deployed in a friendly and considerate atmosphere at The Office Conference Center, in Cluj-Napoca.

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