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  • Open Innovation 2.0, 2017 will take place for the first time in Eastern Europe, at Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Open Innovation 2.0, 2017 will take place for the first time in Eastern Europe, at Cluj-Napoca, Romania
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Ref : Open Innovation 2.0, 2017 will take place for the first time in Eastern Europe, at Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Cluj-Napoca will also host, for the first time, a series of interconnected events: Innovation Dialogue, Citizens Dialogue, “Luminary Award” Gala and Innovation Expo-a presentation of innovative products and projects.

The European’s Commision General-Directorate, DG Connect, The Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group (OISPG), in partnership with the Committee of Regions, Cluj-Napoca City Hall, The Institute for Value in Innovation (IVI), ARIES Transilvania, iTech Transilvania Cluster, Transylvanian Clusters Consortium, Mastercard and Dublin City Hall, have open the on-line registration procedure to the Open Innovation 2.0 2017 Conference, which will take place in Cluj-Napoca between 13-14 June 2017. The event will take place at Grand Hotel Italia, Cluj-Napoca.

Founded 4 years ago, Open Innovation 2.0 Conference (OI2) is a high-level European event, which reunites experts in innovation, public policies creators, academic representatives, practitioners and people involved in different aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship.

OI2 Conference is creating a powerfull synergy between subjects such as Digital Innovation Hubs and SMEs activities in the field of innovation, of Start-ups from Eastern Europe, on which DG Connect focuses on. „This conference offers practical perspectives and creates a deck between theory and practice at all levels” declared Bror Salmelin – adviser for Innovative Systems at the European Commision, General Directorate for Communication, Networks, Content and Technologies (DG CONNECT).

„The fact that Cluj-Napoca county was chosen to host this conference in 2017 reflects the gratitute to local and regional efforts to create an open and functional innovation ecosystem”, declared Emil Boc – Mayor of Cluj-Napoca.

”The companies and start-ups from Cluj and from Transylvania have a great potential for innovation and the first results have started to appear, that’s why the conference is a very good opportunity to show what we did in this direction. Also, it is an extraordinary opportunity for local organizations and companies to learn and meet with those from Europe and to create new connections.”, declared Bianca Muntean, Executive Director of ARIES Transilvania, iTech Transilvania – the IT cluster, which, together with the Municipality, brought this conference to Cluj-Napoca.

Information regarding the agenda of the event

In the plennary session of the event will be discussed examples of national policies of development, such as Austria’s Policy of Open Innovation, examples for ecosystems creation, in the context of industrial transformation, dissemination of information regarding open innovation, by creating Digital Innovation Hubs and by the involvment of the citizens in pilot projects and high-level social experiments.

The event has a series of confirmed guests, such as prof. Piero Formica, which will talk about subjects in the same manner with the renaissance of innovation, the director Peter Droell from the European Commission, will approach the theme of industrial renewal, Michaela Magas, an entrepreneur who will present some ideas about „industry commons”. Prof. Noburu Konno, the representative of the Japanese Network for Innovation, toghether with Ralph Dum, representative of DG Connect regarding the innovative programme: STArts-„science, technology and arts”, will offer specialized contexts for the exchange of ideas and expertise.

The audience is formed from a balanced mix of the four interest groups which form the qvadruple convolution named „the Qvadruple Helix”-which includes industry, the academic field, the public sector and the civil society. The interactivity is ensured by the structure of the environment over the two days full of inspiration.

Between the subjects of impact, we find the VICA (evanescene, ambivalence, complexity and ambiguity), disscutions about the importance of the concept of Serendipity in innovation (the importance of „discovery by mistake”), of the innovative programme STArts (the combination of science, technology and arts in order to obtain the technological progress of innovation)-emphasising the interactions between this domains, the digital transformation of societies and industries, „the innovation radar” and good practices of Open Innovation 2.0 ecosystems.

The fifth edition of the prestige Innovation Luminary Awards Gala Dinner will take place at the end of the first day of conference. The access to the event will be by invitation only but it will be reflected at large in the media and social media ( and ).


The Open Innovation 2.0 Conference, Cluj-Napoca will be the main event from a series of activities: Innovation Dialogue (June 10-11 2.017) and Townhall Debate will be hosted by the president of the Committee of Regions, Markku Markkula and the Mayor of Cluj-Napoca, Emil Boc, on June 13. With the occasion of OI2.0 conference, there will be and exhibition on innovative themes, which will offer visibility to the activities and projects involved in open innovation, offering examples of good practices that can be used in Cluj-Napoca and anywhere else in the world.

The registration to the conference is free:
Full information:

Follow the news on OISPG’s Twitter using #OI2Conf17 and on Facebook @OISPG using #OI2Conf17, or the LinkedIn OISPG page.


The Open Innovation Stragety and Polici Group (OISPG) sustains the policies for Open Innovation whitin European Commission. OISPG works in collaboration with the European Commission (@DigitalAgendaEU). The philosophy of OISPG embraces the Open Innovation 2.0 paradigma: the development of open innovation in which the process of serendipity fully manifests itself. OISPG members believe that direct implication of citizens in the innovation process allows the rapid creation of prototypes in real life. The creation of prototypes is the fastest and most efficient method to promote an idea. The prototype will stimulate the entrepreneurship in Europe, will create new work places and will encourage a sustainable growth at economy and society levels. Cosequently, OISPG suggests various actions of open innovation and approaches for industry and other partners in innovation to stimulate and anchor competitivity.

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